NFL Tips: Week 9 – Sunday And Monday Games.

Denver at Cincinnati – Prediction: Denver 35, Cincinnati 20

Baltimore at Cleveland – Prediction: Baltimore 27, Cleveland 19

Arizona at Green Bay – Prediction: Green Bay 40, Arizona 17

Chicago at Tennessee – Prediction: Chicago 30, Tennessee 10

Miami at Indianapolis – Prediction: Miami 21, Indianapolis 13

Carolina at Washington – Prediction: Washington 35, Carolina 27

Detroit at Jacksonville – Prediction: Detroit 48, Jacksonville 10

Buffalo at Houston – Prediction: Houston 28, Buffalo 0

Tampa Bay at Oakland – Prediction: Tampa Bay 31, Oakland 26

Minnesota at Seattle – Prediction: Seattle 21, Minnesota 7

Pittsburgh at New York (Giants) – Prediction: New York 26, Pittsburgh 20

And then there were two…

Dallas at Atlanta – Prediction: Atlanta 26, Dallas 16

Philadelphia at New Orleans – Prediction: Philadelphia 33, New Orleans 21


NFL Tips: Week 9 – Thursday Night Football

Kansas City at San Diego: My God, what an awful match-up this is. Both these teams are awful and that often makes for a pretty poor game. The Chargers didn’t score a TD last week and Kansas City is basically inept in every category. I’m unlikely to bother with this game, but for those who do. Godspeed.

Prediction: San Diego 20, Kansas City 10

NFL Tips: Week 8 – Thursday Night Football

Tampa Bay at Minnesota: Unfortunately, this week doesn’t offer a mouth-watering match-up of any sorts. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be a competitive game. Tampa Bay did just score 28 points on the hapless Saints, though clearly their defense is pretty well non-existent. Unfortunately for the Buccaneers, Adrian Peterson just ripped the Cardinals (who aren’t a bad run defense) a new a-hole, so Tampa could be in some trouble here. Although on their side, they have the 3rd ranked rush defense so it might even be a stalemate. And if that occurs Ponder will have to carry the team, which could be interesting considering his poor game last week. I think Minnesota will win this game, but hopefully it’s not as boring as it could very possibly be.

Prediction: Minnesota 26, Tampa Bay 14