NFL Tips: Week 11 – Thursday Night Football

Miami at Buffalo: It really is hard to fathom how the primetime options were so, so poorly chosen. Just in the past four days we’ve had: Steelers vs. Chiefs and now we get this masterpiece of Miami vs. Buffalo. Now, who knows, maybe this game will be exhilarating, filled with skill and oh so much fun (not bloody likely). Regardless of these crappy circumstances, I guess it’s worth having a quick look at the teams. So both teams last week were on the opposite ends of the spectrum as the Dolphins got destroyed by Tennessee (yes, really) and the Bills were one TD away from beating the Patriots (yes, really). So this game does actually makes for a bit of a mixed bag. If the Dolphins defense returns to it’s pre-week 10 form, then I think the Bills will have a tough time of doing much to threaten the scoreboard. But if Tennessee can put 37 points on you and the Bills just matched it with the Patriots, then anything’s possible. Very tentative pick of Dolphins in this game, though.

Prediction: Miami 17, Buffalo 7


NFL Tips: Week 2 – Handshake-Gate

Well, thank goodness proper Gridiron is back! Coupled with College Football, the weekends can’t get much better. And after a very enjoyable and infuriating (*coughrefscough*) spate of games, I’m back to do it all again for week 2. Which I’m going to title Handshake-Gate, even though it sounds as crap as the hype around the post-game festivities. Let’s get going, shall we.

Thursday Night Football

Chicago at Green Bay: Week 2 kicks off with a doozy between the Packers and Bears, the classic NFC North grudge match. In week 1 the Packers took the loss to the 49ers as Rodgers couldn’t overcome the 49ers’ defense, to lead the Pack to victory (boy what a great prediction that was). On the other side, Chicago welcomed Andrew Luck and the new-look Colts with quite the hiding. The Bears ran up 41 points on the Colts, with Brandon Marshall having quite the field day with 9 receptions for 119 yards and a score. The Packers defense looked frightfully poor against quite a tame 49ers’ offense, so this definitely has some worry signs and a score of 40+ for both teams isn’t out of reach, by any means. This really is a tough match-up to call, as Chicago have the more complete team, but the Packers have the supreme offense and the home field. I’ll give it to the Pack in a tight, high-scoring affair

Prediction: Green Bay 40, Chicago 38

Sunday & Monday games

Kansas City at Buffalo: With both teams coming off rather poor performances last week, where they both had a 40 burger put on them, the Chiefs and Bills will be looking to replicate their opponents performances from last week. Buffalo has lost Fred Jackson again for a few weeks, so the entertaining CJ Spiller will carry the bulk of the work in their backfield. Kansas City was upstaged by the very real and deadly Atlanta offense. Of course it helped that the Chiefs were without their best CB, Brandon Flowers, who is likely to return this week and shadow Stevie Johnson. With the results of last week in mind, this will either be the opposite of the Green Bay vs Chicago game, or the same. Both defenses were heavily talked up before the season got underway, and both didn’t show up. So they’ll either show up this week, or we’ll get a high-scoring game. This could be quite an under-the-radar game in the scheme of things, but there isn’t much to choose from the 1pm games. I think Kansas City has the better real offense, so that’s who I’m going with.

Prediction: Kansas City 28, Buffalo 17

Cleveland at Cincinnati: Another match-up of two teams who lost, and played quite poorly. Let’s just hope for both fanbases that their QB’s play a little better. Cleveland were a lot closer last week than Cincinnati, but that was with Joe Haden, who’s been suspended for 4 games for a banned substance. The Bengals showed no signs of their playoff form last week, or perhaps I’m underrating the Ravens, or both…Anyway, Cincinnati got torched on the scoreboard as well, and their offense wasn’t really clicking. But the Cleveland defense shouldn’t be anywhere near the problem that Baltimore’s was. Cincinnati should get a relatively easy win.

Prediction: Cincinnati 26, Cleveland 14

Minnesota at Indianapolis: Here’s an interesting point. If Minnesota win this game, they will be leading the NFC North. Early days of course, and the Jaguars nor Colts are some sort of significant win, but it’s still the truth. Anyhow, the Vikings got over the aforementioned Jags in overtime while the Colts got demolished by Chicago. The Colts poor season is expected, and to a point so it Minnesota’s, but if they can’t get past the Colts, then there’s some problems in Minny.

Prediction: Minnesota 31, Indianapolis 20

Oakland at Miami: If you were unfortunate enough to see the 2nd Monday Night Football game, you’d realise that back-up long snapper could be the most important position in Football. At least back-up QB’s actually know what the hell they’re doing and it’s their natural position. The Raiders, obviously, never planned on training a back-up long snapper. Miami don’t seen to have any natural players, or any with skill on their roster outside of Ryan “3 straight picks” Tannehill, who wasn’t terribly accurate against the Texans. Oakland’s defense CAN be good, as I mentioned last week in my crappy tipping exercise and they should be able to come together for the Dolphins, who could be in a race with Indianapolis for the #1 pick next year. And Jarvis Jones will be going to whoever gets it.

Prediction: Oakland 27, Miami 13

Arizona at New England: Arizona have won their last 7 games dating back to next year, but their fortunes against the Brady’s isn’t so fortunate. New England’s defense was stout last week, keeping the Titans to 20 rushing yards and making big plays with a fumble TD. They haven’t lost to Arizona since 1991, so it doesn’t seem like anything is going to change, even with Kevin Kolb under center. And the Patriots have lost one of their last 25 games at home. Very impressive and gives Arizona next to no shot.

Prediction: New England 45, Arizona 20

Tampa Bay at New York: The Giants Super Bowl defending campaign didn’t get off to the start they wanted, going down to their hated rival Cowboys to open the season. Although any knowledgeable Football fan knows the Giants only show up in the 2nd half of the season. Tampa Bay looked alright against the Panthers, though the Panthers looked quite poor. The Giants will need to win the easy games to keep pace in the East this season, and this is one of them.

Prediction: New York 24, Tampa Bay 7

Baltimore at Philadelphia: Easily the worst performance last week was Michael Vick, throwing 4 interceptions and beating the Browns by 1 point. But that’s the beauty in NFL, if you suck, but win, it doesn’t matter! Although the problem is that Cleveland’s defense is second rate to Baltimore’s and Vick and the Eagles could be in for a long day. Baltimore came out of the gate scorching hot, completely destroying the Bengals in all facets of the game. And although Philly is better than Cincinnati, this game will only show by how much, because Baltimore won’t be taking a backseat, I don’t imagine.

Prediction: Baltimore 30, Philadelphia 21

New Orleans at Carolina: Both coming off surprising losses, the Saints head to North Carolina to take on the Panthers. The Saints got lit up by the Redskins and their rookie QB, Robert Griffin III. Carolina had a great chance to open the season with a division win, but couldn’t capitalise on their game in Tampa Bay and before they know it, they could be 0-2 in their own division. Last season’s encounter at Bank of America Stadium was rather enthralling contest and there was a blatant sign of Bountygate with Roman Harper’s late hit on Steve Smith, after he had scored a TD. The Panthers will definitely be looking for a lot of revenge, but I’m not confident they can stop Brees and his offense.

Prediction: New Orleans 28, Carolina 17

Houston at Jacksonville: Houston looked as good as I expected in week 1, against a poor Dolphins team. And now they take on a Jacksonville team who got over the Vikings in overtime. Even though both of these teams of 1-0, I don’t think Houston will have much competition to make it 2-0.

Prediction: Houston 30, Jacksonville 13

Washington at St. Louis: The ‘Skins shall be flying high after their impressive win over the Saints. RGIII was fantastic in his NFL debut, and their defense got 2 interceptions off Brees. The Rams couldn’t overcome the Lions offense in the dying seconds, but will be pleased with their CB duo, both getting interceptions off Stafford, with Finnegan’s going to the house. I think this could be a bit of a danger game for Washington, and this is my upset of the week.

Prediction: St. Louis 24, Washington 20

Dallas at Seattle: Dallas looked pretty impressive in the opener against the Giants and were able to take the win. Seattle went down to the wire with Arizona, but just couldn’t get the ball into the endzone when it counted. I think this could be a bit of a tough contest for both teams, and could be a tad low-scoring. In the end, I think Dallas will be able to take their record to 2-0.

Prediction: Dallas, 17, Seattle 14

New York at Pittsburgh: The Jets were the surprise of the week, for me. Without their first team offense scoring a single Touchdown in the preseason, they put up 48 points as a team against the hapless Bills. Pittsburgh weren’t able to get over the Peyton Manning-lead Broncos, but didn’t play horribly as a team. It’s only one game, so I’m not completely convinced about their offense, but Pittsburgh is a good test to see if they’re for real or not. Pittsburgh have a very good chance to get off the snide and I expect them to.

Prediction: Pittsburgh 28, New York 17

Tennessee at San Diego: The Titans were shown up by the Patriots and their offense looked anaemic. The Chargers played well, but got pretty lucky that the Raiders’ long snapper got injured and basically turned the match. However the Chargers’ defense was outstanding, against the run. Tennessee is buoyed by the return of Kenny Britt and Locker could play a lot better, despite his injury. This is another tough game to call, I think. But I’ll back the Chargers at home.

Prediction: San Diego 21, Tennessee 16

And then there were two…

Detroit at San Francisco: Even though the media love to focus on a handshake, this game could be the game of the week. The Lions only won by 4 points last week, but kept the Rams to under 200 yards of passing and under 75 yards rushing. The 49ers stopped the Packers at every turn and beat them convincingly. If the Lions can produce the same defensive performance and Matthew Stafford can cut down on the turnovers, they’ve got a very good chance in the game. But of course, the biggest factor is the 49ers defense, which is easily the best in the game and the most consistent. I think people are somewhat underrating the Lions, but the 49ers definitely deserve the favouritism from fans and media. I’ll be taking the 49ers on here, but not by much.

Prediction: San Francisco 24, Detroit 20

Denver at Atlanta: Two very good offenses face off in the Monday Night Football fixture. Peyton Manning returned in style being able to put up good numbers in a win over the Steelers, while the Falcons offense dominated the Chiefs and looked like the hype predicted. The defenses won’t be talked about a lot, but Denver’s played pretty well, getting a pick-6 and racking up quite a few sacks. And the Falcons did a good job, as well. I’m going to give the edge to Atlanta, because of the home field.

Prediction: Atlanta 34, Denver 27

Good luck with your teams and have a great week!

NFL Tips: Week 1 – Let’s Get It Started!

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. Well, guess what time it is? That’s right! 9pm! No, seriously, it’s the start of the fabled NFL season. It just feels like it’ll never get here. And this year, some people might have wished it didn’t after watching the Zebras in the preseason games. But I’m not here to slam the replacement officials, I’m here to slam crappy teams (and horrible overrated ones)! So, let’s go, shall we?’

Wednesday Game

Dallas at New York: The 2012 season kicks off in typical TV fashion with a NFC East showdown between the Giants & Cowboys. The Giants had quite a run to the Super Bowl last year, going through the Packers & 49ers, before beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl. The Cowboys didn’t make the playoffs again, and as usual, will be heavily overrated. But I expect the Giants to put them in their place to start out the NFL season.

Prediction: New York 24, Dallas 20

Sunday & Monday Games

Indianapolis at Chicago: With the Colts ending up as the worst team in Football last season; thanks Peyton, they got the #1 overall pick and without hesitation, they drafted the best scouted QB since the aforementioned Manning. Unfortunately, Indianapolis’ offense won’t be able to help the D when the reformed tandem of Culter and Marshall are on the field, ripping their DB’s to shreds. Chicago are big favourites to be the threat to not only the Lions Wild Card spot, but the Packers NFC North domination. I don’t see how this will happen with such an inept offensive line, but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue in week 1.

Prediction: Chicago 35, Indianapolis 17

Philadelphia at Cleveland: Cleveland’s draft class is an extremely promising one, despite the drafting of one of the oldest players in draft history with Brandon Weeden late in the 1st round. They got the best RB since Adrian Peterson in Trent Richardson and picked up what seems to be a gem in the supplemental draft with Josh Gordon. All that probably won’t get them over the top against Vick & co. The Eagles had a pretty poor season by their standards last season. Vick had injury problems again and the Defense didn’t live up to their ridiculous expectations (no surprise). I think a full offseason will be extremely beneficial for the whole Eagles team over a lot of teams. And I think they start off their season with a good win.

Prediction: Philadelphia 28, Cleveland 20

St. Louis at Detroit: Jeff Fisher took over the hopeless Rams after last year’s disaster. Sam Bradford is finally back fully healthy and Steven Jackson had a full season for the first time in a while. Unfortunately for the Rams, their WR corps didn’t improve a lot in the break and their first round pick Michael Brockers is out with an ankle sprain for 2 or 3 weeks. The Lions finally made the playoffs last season and will look to improve (they’ve improved by 4 games the past 2 seasons) yet again. The Lions’ problem has changed, either. Their defensive backfield is still at 6’s and 7’s. They may be without their defensive leader in Louis Delmas for this game, also. Fortunately for the Lions, the best connection in Football is still around. Stafford to Johnson. And I assume that’ll be heard a lot again this season and possibly a couple of times in this game. The Lions offense is just too powerful and the Rams isn’t good enough to keep up.

Prediction: Detroit 30, St. Louis 14

New England at Tennesse: After not winning a playoff game since their last Super Bowl victory, the Patriots made it all the way to the big dance, only to fall short to the Cinderella Giants team. Tough luck, Pats. Tennessee were in a bit of a rebuilding mode last season, trying to find a true identity at QB and they’ve settled on the young gunslinger who’s got some legs on him for good measure. Tennessee could be a sneaky team this season, but I don’t think they’ll have their way against Bieber Brady in week 1.

Prediction: New England 38, Tennessee 28

Atlanta at Kansas City: If you’ve been following the Falcons during the off-season by any chance, it sounds like they’re going to be the best team in Football. Well, maybe not THAT good, but the best team in the NFC South, which isn’t too far off. I still think their D is a bit suspect. Especially after losing their leader in Curtis Lofton. But their WR corps is crazy good, with the already anointed best WR in Julio Jones, along with the always consistent Roddy White. The Chiefs’ biggest scalp last year was beating the Packers at home. But don’t think their D can’t repeat that feat each week. With drafting Dontari Poe, they added another big cog in the middle of their 3-4 system. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, Tamba Hali will be suspended for this game and Brandon Flowers status is up in the air, too. Fortunately, however they get back the most promising RB in Football, Jamaal Charles. In the end, though I don’t the Chiefs can keep the Falcons out of the endzone, nor keep up with them.

Prediction: Atlanta 24, Chiefs 13

Jacksonville at Minnesota: There aren’t A LOT of thrilling games on the week 1 schedule, but this one is likely placed right at the bottom. Two of the worst teams from last season meet in Minnesota for week 1 pride. That’s right, one of these teams will be equal with the super powers of the NFL in wins. Amazingly, two of the best RB’s in football will likely play sparingly with Adrian Peterson coming back from an ACL tear (a lot quicker than most) and Maurice Jones-Drew coming back from his off-season long hold out. These teams picked 5 and 4, respectively in the 2012 draft. And both teams picked a critical position of need. The Vikings got the best LT prospect (Matt Kalil) and the Jaguars got the best WR prospect (Justin Blackmon). When you hear the headline of Ponder vs. Gabbert, your underwear magically tightens up in excitement, right? OK, maybe excrement…Anyway. I’m giving the edge in this one to Minnesota based on their home field advantage and fake crowd noise. But I wouldn’t count out Jacksonville’s D.

Prediction: Minnesota 17, Jacksonville 13

Washington at New Orleans: Washington has finally got their QB saviour in Robert Griffin III, trading up to the #2 spot to draft him. While the Saints have lost their Head Coaching saviour, Sean Payton thanks to bountygate. Along with Mr. Payton, the Saints also lost LB Jonathon Vilma and Will Smith. However they seemed to sign every LB possible, singing both Curtis Lofton and David Hawthorne and eventually trading for Barrett Ruud, though Ruud isn’t starting yet. The Saints defense shouldn’t lose a step, and neither should their offense, with Drew Brees being close enough to a Head Coach, that no Sean Payton shouldn’t trouble the new leader in Passing Yards in a Season. I don’t see the Redskins being terribly competitive for the beginning of the year. I don’t think the Saints should have a lot of trouble in this game.

Prediction: New Orleans 31, Washington 14

Buffalo at New York: The Bills D has been so heavily talked up, it sounds like they’re already in the top 5. Although on the other end the Jets D is probably a lot closer to being a top 5 D. I guess this game will come down to how poorly the Jets offense plays, because if the preseason is any indication (heh) they’re going to struggle badly. Until of course Mr. Saviour comes in, throws for a 30% completion rate and somehow wins them the game. The Bills offense is buoyed by the return or Fred Jackson and having a great tandem in the backfield, along with CJ Spiller. Along with Fitzpatrick being fully healthy to start the year, the Bills may end up putting up more points than most people expect. I’ll temper my expectations for the first game, but the Jets have no offense so far. And there isn’t much else to go on right now.

Prediction: Buffalo 20, New York 7

Miami at Houston: I’ll just start by saying that the Texans are my Super Bowl pick. OK, now that that’s out of the way, I’ll be quick. The Dolphins offense has no viable WR out of Davone Bess, a slot receiver and their best TE  blocks. Their defense isn’t fantastic either. Houston has the best running game in the league and defense. Matt Schaub to Andre Johnson is likely to be popular connection this season. Houston shut out Tannehill and co.

Prediction: Houston 28, Miami 0

San Francisco at Green Bay: Easily considered the best game of the week, San Francisco’s defense goes to visit Green Bay’s offense. What a great match-up. The 49ers got so close to the Super Bowl under first year head coach Jim Harbaugh. And the Packers met the Giants and got embarrassed in the first half. But with clean slates and spectacular teams, this game should be fantastic. It’s a hard game to pick, but 49ers offense just can’t keep up with Rodgers and the Packers, no matter how many times he gets sacked/intercepted etc. he’s just too good.

Prediction: Green Bay 24, San Francisco 17

Arizona at Seattle: I’m partially on the Seahawks bandwagon this year. Specifically the defensive part. Their defense has so much potential, it’s crazy. A top 5 finish is well within their reach. Seattle will definitely be the biggest threat to the 49ers in the NFC West this season. Russel Wilson has looked very good as their QB throughout the preseason, and I think he can take it into the season against an average Arizona defense. The Cardinals did eventually pick a starting QB, going with John Skelton over the expensive and useless Kevin Kolb. Arizona is horrible on offense, outside of Larry Fitzgerald and Beanie Wells. Their offensive line is a disaster and gigantic liability and I expect a bottom 10 record for them this season. I think the Seahawks shut down the Cardinals quickly and take a comfortable win.

Prediction: Seattle 21, Arizona 3

Carolina at Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay had quite the offseason, signing both Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks to sure up parts of their offense. They also drafted Mark Barron and Doug Martin. Two key pieces to the new team. Unfortunately they lost Davin Joseph to injury which is a major blow to their offensive line. I’m not quite sold on the Buccaneers. Freeman’s poor year last season shows some concerns, but a lot of QB’s have poor sophomore campaigns. Perhaps just not at that level. The Panthers had quite a good season last year. They only went 6-10, but after going 2-14 the previous system, that’s a good effort with a lot of change to their team. The obvious big change which completely revitalised their team was Cam Newton who lit a fire under the team throughout the year. I think the Panthers are a sneaky chance to win the NFC South or Wild Card if their defense can improve a bit. And I definitely have them winning their first game.

Prediction: Carolina 28, Tampa Bay 17

And then there were…Three? Yes, thank goodness for week 1 Monday Night Football double-headers!

Pittsburgh at Denver: The Sunday Night Football season is kicked off by Peyton Manning’s first game as a Bronco. It also happens to be the game where the new overtime rules were deemed useless on one play, cause Tim Tebow actually connected on a pass, which amazing went for a TD. Regardless, this should be a good contest. The Steelers defense isn’t the peak unit it used to be, getting quite old quickly. Their offense isn’t too scary right now without Rashard Mendenhall, but they do have Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown to throw to. But that’s about it. The Broncos team is in OK shape, with a decent WR corps and two capable TE’s for Peyton to seek out. Their defense is what worries me. They played well in parts last year, but there’s a lot of holes in the defensive backfield, outside of Champ Bailey and he’s getting older. I think the Steelers can start off with a win, but it’ll be a close contest.

Prediction: Pittsburgh 20, Denver 16

Cincinnati at Baltimore: The Ravens and Bengals square off in the first game of the Monday night double-header. Baltimore’s offense has changed to a more up-tempo, no-huddle pass based scheme. The defense should be impressive, again, but losing the Defensive Player of 2011 hurts them a lot. And Ed Reed’s age and injury problems could become a problem into the season, as well. But the thing about the Ravens is they always play well as a unit, without a lot of unbelievable star players. The Bengals had a good showing last year with Andy Dalton and A.J. Green putting up good years for their rookie campaigns. And now they try to better that campaign. They may struggle, though, as they don’t have any true #2 or #3 WR, along with an underutilised TE. Their defense played very well last year, but they could struggle to repeat this season. I don’t see the Bengals getting over the Ravens in this one, though.

Prediction: Baltimore 26, Cincinnati 17

San Diego at Oakland: To round out week 1, comes an AFC West grudge match between the Raiders and Chargers. I find this to be a very hard game to call. The Oakland defense can be good, but they’re very inconsistent. Whereas Philip Rivers loves throwing interceptions, it seems. San Diego have a good defense, but I think the 3-headed monster of McFadden, Palmer and Moore can actually pull the upset and get over on the Chargers.

Prediction: Oakland 30, San Diego 21

I hope you enjoyed reading my picks and have a great and enjoyable first week!

NFL Tips: Week 14

With only 4 weeks in the regular season, the playoff picture is both taking shape and getting worrying for some (myself included), exciting for others and very interesting all-round. I had a fairly good week last week tipping 11 correct and missing on Seattle, Tennessee, Kansas City, Arizona & Miami. Let’s get to it!

Cleveland at Pittsburgh: I said it last week, but I’ll say it again, the NFL and NFL Network chose some truly horrible primetime games this season. And this one is most definitely included. The Steelers head into this game after pummeling the Bengals last week by 28 and claiming their dominance yet again. The Browns, on the other hand, come into this game after being beaten comfortably by the Ravens. The Steelers seem to be back to their old selves, kicking arse and taking names. The Browns have very little firepower on the offense, and the Browns won’t be able to hold out Big Ben and co. for the whole game, nor keep them to a small point total for the offense to be able to exceed and win. Steelers should get a good win here.

Prediction: Pittsburgh 31, Cleveland 6

Houston at Cincinnati: This should be a good defensive match-up, as two of the better D’s go head to head in this match-up. Cincinnati got trounced last week, opposed to the Texans, who pulled out an impressive win against a tough Falcons teams. I think Houston’s D is superior to Cincinnati’s and so is their overall offense. Houston gets the victory.

Prediction: Houston 20, Cincinnati 13

Minnesota at Detroit: In the last meeting of these two teams, the Lions rallied from 20 points down in the 2nd half to beat the Vikings in overtime 26 to 23. I can’t say I see the Lions being down 20 points by half-time, but with the way the team’s been playing and imploding, I’m not ruling it out. The Vikings lost to the Tebows last week, where Tebow actually had a relatively good day throwing the ball. This says more about the Vikings than Tebow’s throwing skills, though. And if Tebow can, sort of, light up this Vikings secondary, imagine what Stafford can do after coming off a 400+ yard outing, as well as being 5th in the league in pass yardage. Lions get a nice win to get things back on track.

Prediction: Detroit 48, Minnesota 17

Tennessee at New Orleans: With the Titans winning two in a row, they  seem to be getting their season back on track, though it’s a bit late for that now. Chris Johnson is back to his usual self having rushed for a combined 343 yards in his past 2 games. The Saints have won 4 in a row and even though they did get tested last week, still prevailed in comfortable fashion. Even if CJ2K can continue his great form, they won’t get enough points through the air to outscore the Saints. Good competitive game, but ultimately, another Saints victory.

Prediction: New Orleans 40, Tennessee 28

Philadelphia at Miami: The Dolphins are one of the best teams in the NFL right now, and their D is sturdy as all hell. With the Eagles getting Vick back, it’s definitely a nice relief, as opposed to the woeful Vince Young. However, the Miami D is for real, and Vick probably won’t be 100%. Considering what the Eagles were like when Vick was playing, they weren’t winning much. Miami takes it, though not convincingly.

Prediction: Miami 21, Philadelphia 19

Kansas City at New York: The Chiefs pulled out one of the bigger surprises last week, dominating the Bears for 60 minutes and getting the victory. Meanwhile, the Jets got a bit of a scare, but ended up piling the points in towards the end. I can’t see Palko and Chiefs causing another upset, but crazier things have happened!

Prediction: New York 26, Kansas City 14

New England at Washington: New England were quite underwhelming last week, only putting up 31 points and only winning by 7. The ‘Skins, as just mentioned, got the score run up at the end of their game against the Jets. Washington’s D has fallen a bit this year, while the Patriots O looks fairly unstoppable. Patriots take it in a close one, because their D literally can’t stop anyone.

Prediction: New England 34, Washington 30

Atlanta at Carolina: My Panthers picked was pretty spot on last week (bows for applause) and surprisingly, so was my Falcons! Despite that nonsense, both of these teams are good despite the Panther’s record. The Falcons pulled out the victory in the first meeting, but I think the Panthers can tie it up with Newton putting up big numbers. High scoring shootout in Carolina.

Prediction: Carolina 38, Atlanta 31

Tampa Bay at Jacksonville: As hard as it is to tip the Jaguars at the moment, it might be even harder to tip the Bucs. Tampa Bay has lost 6 straight games and this is their best shot to win in the next 4 weeks. Worrying signs for a team that just missed the playoffs last season. Jacksonville fell to the Chargers who would have been ecstatic at winning a game of late. Tampa Bay is really bad, but Jacksonville only seem to show up against the big teams. Something the Bucs have fallen a long way from.

Prediction: Tampa Bay 27, Jacksonville 15

Indianapolis at Baltimore: No point writing long-winded blurbs for the Colts any more. They better start choosing who they want more, Manning or Luck?

Prediction: Ravens 30, Colts 3

Chicago at Denver: Tebow was actually half decent last week, although please put things into perspective (I know this is hard for Tebow fans, but trying would be nice). Tebow faced the worst pass defense in the league and possibly one of the worst D’s, period. And even though they take on the Bears, it’s the Bears offense which is bad, almost non-existent. If Bears fans thought things couldn’t get any worse, they were clearly deluded, as Forte busted his knee and is out until at least week 16. I don’t think the Bears can be the team to solve the new Denver D and Tebow and co make it 7-1 (Yay Lions!).

Prediction: Denver 20, Chicago 12

Arizona at San Francisco: San Francisco’s D is outstanding. I’m still in awe of how good they’ve done this season. And even though P-Willy is a big loss for them this week, he’s only 1 of the 11 players on an outstanding D. Rams were held to 0 last week, I wouldn’t be surprised if Arizona was, too. Unless Patrick Peterson shows up again…

Prediction: San Francisco 24, Arizona 0

Oakland at Green Bay: As with the Colts blurbs, I feel similarly about the Packers. You saw the Raiders last week, right? Yes? OK, no point to continue, then. Green Bay to 13-0.

Prediction: Green Bay 35, Oakland 17

Buffalo at San Diego: Two teams who are desperate for wins to try to salvage something and maybe a division shot for the Chargers. If the Chargers were more consistent on a weekly basis just in terms of scoring, then it’s an easy pick, but the Chargers are always a coin flip away from the shit team turning up. Buffalo doesn’t seem to have a good team at the moment, though, so I have to pick the Chargers for no other reason than how bad Buffalo is.

Prediction: San Diego 21, Buffalo 9

And then there were two…

New York at Dallas: Maybe I’m just underestimating this rivalry, but the Cowboys should be favored or close to it in this game. Sure, the Giants have lost 5 straight, but they’ve still been pretty good. Apart from the final 90 seconds last week…Anyway, the Cowboys haven’t shown me anything to get me excited about against the Giants.

Prediction: New York 31, Dallas 24

St. Louis at Seattle: Marshawn Lynch sure turned into a beast Running Back this season, and I was one of those idiots who dropped some games in, cause he hadn’t done anything. Sure am kicking myself now. Regardless of that, the Seahawks D is a takeaway machine, while their O runs (no pun intended) through Lynch. One of the few teams whose running game is their winner. St. Louis also can’t stop the run, ominous sign right there. Seattle makes it 4 out of their last 5.

Prediction: Seattle 27, St. Louis 10

Good luck to everyone this week and have a great one!

NFL Tips: Week 12

With a 16 game schedule every Sunday (and Monday) for the next 6 weeks, this is where it all gets very enjoyable and even more interesting. I was a poor tipper yet against last week, only getting 9 correct. The ones I missed on were, Cleveland, Miami, Baltimore, Seattle & Philadelphia. Legooo!

Green Bay at Detroit: Well, the Thanksgiving festivities and games are upon us. As always, we kick things off with the annual Lions game. This year against the best team in Football. Green Bay go into Detroit as a still undefeated team, looking to notch win #11 on the season (out of 11 games, for those playing along at home). The Lions will put up a very tough test, being a nationally televised game and all, but I believe the Packers will get that 11th victory, unfortunately. Only just.

Prediction: Green Bay 31, Detroit 28

Miami at Dallas: Just like the Lions, the Cowboys also have their annual Thanksgiving game against a resurgent Dolphins team. The ‘Fins have won 3 in a row, and are looking red-hot, being led by QB Matt Moore (colour me shocked). The Cowboys are also on a bit of a roll, but almost got tripped up last week by the Redskins, only being saved by Gano’s constant inaccuracy. Miami’s a nice story, but I think their streak ends on Thanksgiving.

Prediction: Dallas 29, Miami 21

San Francisco at Baltimore: To round out the Thanksgiving games, we have the Harbowl, as San Francisco (coached by Jim Harbaugh) go to Baltimore to take on the Ravens (coached by John Harbaugh). Despite the coaching match-up, this game should be an old-school defensive game. Two fantastic defenses trying to beat the shit out of the other team. That always makes for good watching, and is also good to know that Goodell will be having a cry, knowing how lacking in offense it will be. This really is a tough game to call, but I’m a believer in the 49ers and ya just never know what the Ravens will produce. I’ll take the consistency.

Prediction: San Francisco 14, Baltimore 10

Minnesota at Atlanta: Minnesota came up short against the Raiders last week, while the Falcons got a 6 point win over the Titans, after holding off a nice comeback. The Vikings are a pretty poor team, even with Adrian Peterson. Since the Vikings are going down so early, AP has been a bit of a non-factor of late, which is never a good sign. Atlanta’s been up and down most of the year, but this seems like a pretty easy match-up for them.

Prediction: Atlanta 28, Minnesota 13

Cleveland at Cincinnati: Cleveland pulled off a 4 point victory over Jacksonville last week, while the Bengals fell just short to the Ravens by 7. Cincinnati have been pretty consistent throughout this season, and Cleveland have been consistently bad. I think it’s a comfortable Bengals win.

Cincinnati 21, Cleveland 6

Tampa Bay at Tennessee: This is a tough match-up to call. Both teams have been so inconsistent this season, ya just don’t know who’s going to show up to play or not. The Titans fell short to the Falcons, after putting up a good comeback effort, while the Buccaneers really took it to the Packers in the 2nd half (This gives me hope for the Lions!) before the Packers eventually pulled away. I’m going with Tampa Bay simply off what I saw last week, but it’s another 51/49 type game.

Tampa Bay 28, Tennessee 27

Carolina at Indianapolis: The Colts have a very mild chance in this game, but they might actually be playing for Luck at this point. The Panthers played very well last week before a 2nd half collapse, but the Lions aren’t the Colts. Carolina shouldn’t have much trouble here.

Prediction: Carolina 35, Indianapolis 21

Arizona at St. Louis: The 2nd match-up in 3 weeks, this will be an underrated game. Last time out, the Cardinals won it off, what I believe was, the best play of the season so far. A 99 yard punt return TD from the Rookie, Patrick Peterson. It was marvellous TV to watch, especially live. Jaw on floor type stuff. St. Louis are up the proverbial creek without the paddle, though, having placed yet another CB on IR (that’s 10 CB’s on IR on the season). Arizona’s not a great team, but they’re still better than St. Louis, who’ve I’ve been over-valuing the whole season.

Prediction: Arizona 17, St. Louis 10

Buffalo at New York: Well, it was good while it lasted, but the Bills have been blasted the past two weeks, killing any hope of taking the AFC East away from the Patriots. They head to Metlife stadium after a 35-8 crushing at the hands of Miami. Yes, Miami. Surely the Bills will have to show their past form at one point again this season? If so, they’ve got an uphill battle, after they just lose their best player in Fred Jackson for the season. I was going to give them the tip before hearing that, but it’s an almost impossible task now. Jets should take this one. Maybe even in a shutout.

Prediction: New York 21, Buffalo 0

Houston at Jacksonville: Jacksonville were pretty valiant in this contest earlier this season, and with the Texans having lost their best QB for the season, it’ll be the much maligned Matt Leinart getting the start, after they missed out on Kyle Orton. Jacksonville really only have 1 plan, and that’s to let MJD run as much as possible, for as much damage as possible. If the Texans can contain him enough to make the Jaguars a primary passing team, then I think they’ll take the victory. But it won’t be as easy as it may seem.

Prediction: Houston 27, Jacksonville 20

Chicago at Oakland: Hmmm…This is an interesting game to weigh up. The Raiders have gotten back what they lost when Jason Campbell went down with a nice resurgent Carson Palmer (I still think they should’ve tried for Matt Flynn, but I digress). But the Bears have lost Jay Cutler indefinitely to a broken thumb, and have to weight their playoff hopes (good news for the Lions) on Caleb Hanie. I’ll be honest, I think Hanie’s a better QB than people give him credit for. Not some kind of freak who’ll rip the Raiders to shreds, but he can make nice throws, with an odd interceptions and maybe a couple TD’s. The reason this is so tough to weigh up, is because neither team has an offense which can rip apart the opponents D. The Bears are a stout run D, while the Raiders are tough to throw on. I think the Bears can win this, but I’ve stupidly doubted Oakland before. This could be another one of those.

Prediction: Chicago 34, Oakland 26

Washington at Seattle: The ‘Skins were unlucky last week, simply because of their woeful kicker. Seattle’s favoured in this game, which honestly baffles me. The Redskins D will be able to stop them, it’s the offense scoring which is the main worry. But still, the Seahawks are a bad team, regardless of their result last week.

Prediction: Washington 21, Seattle 10

New England at Philadelphia: Ah, one of those inter-division games (East vs other East). The Eagles have been the most inconsistent team this whole season, while the Patriots can’t really stop any offenses. I think this game will be pretty overrated like most of them and the Patriots will get a pretty comfortable win.

Prediction: New England 37, Philadelphia 21

Denver at San Diego: I don’t know about you, but this Denver team can definitely beat bad Run D teams. So it’s lucky they’re playing the Chargers, who allow 124.3 yards per game. I’m not entirely sure what to make of San Diego, they just haven’t done anything of note so far. Maybe they can turn on their usual late-season heroics, but those were when Rivers was playing as a top-5 QB, not a bottom-5 QB. So unless the Chargers have found some miracle cure for his interceptitis, I think the Broncos can notch another win.

Prediction: Denver 16, San Diego 9

And then there were two…

Pittsburgh at Kansas City: Will the Kyle Orton era (probably 6 games) start for the Chiefs when they host the Steelers? Only time will tell, but let’s be honest. It probably won’t make any difference to the final result. The Chiefs started floundering again, while the Steelers have been looking good, and are coming off a nice bye before heading into the final stretch. I don’t think the Chiefs have much shot in this game, Orton or otherwise.

Prediction: Pittsburgh 24, Kansas City 10

New York at New Orleans: We wrap up this weekends festivities with a Monday night game in Louisiana. The Giants head to the Superdome to face the high-flying Saints, who are coming off the bye. The Giants do have a shot in this game, but that’s only if they stop Drew Brees. Giants rookie CB Prince Amukamara had a nice showing in his first game, making 5 total tackles and getting an interception for his troubles. The Giants D is pretty banged up, though, so they’ll probably have a bit of trouble with Brees. I reckon the Saints will take it, but it should be an interesting contest.

Prediction: New Orleans 33, New York 21

Well, another tips article down. Have a great Thanksgiving and weekend, everyone. Go Lions!

NFL Tips: Week 8

I’m pretty busy tomorrow, so thought I’d get in early!

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t enjoyed the last couple weeks. My tipping’s been pretty bad, too! Anyway, I’m sick of these intros, so let’s just do it, do it. But firstly, my stupid picking mistakes from last week. Falcons, Jets, Chiefs and Jaguars (Yes, for some reason I picked the Ravens, I should have known better).

Indianapolis at Tennessee: Alright, I’m going to start out with a “Are you serious?” prediction. I honestly believe the Colts can win this game, no, Peyton’s not working through that door and neither is Marshall Faulk. But let’s be somewhat serious here, the Titans Run D is beyond horrible. They let up 222 yards to the Texans last week and the Colts Rushing attack (mainly Delone Carter) ain’t no joke, he’s an impressive rusher. And it’s not like the Titans are some spectacular defensive team who lets up very little pass yardage. Yes, this is a ridiculous pick, and I realise that the Colts could get their arse handed to them again, but I have (minimal) faith in the Colts, which is more than the Titans.

Prediction: Indianapolis 21, Tennessee 17

New Orleans at St. Louis: I have absolutely no clue what’s going on with the Rams, they’re just downright crap. They let a rookie RB break the all-time Cowboys rushing mark, set by Emmitt Smith. DeMarco Murray rushed for a ridonkulous 253 yards on 25 carries, that’s just nuts. Fortunately for the Rams, the Saints strength isn’t the run. Again, this doesn’t matter, cause the Rams also can’t stop the pass. Saints BIG.

Prediction: New Orleans 45, St. Louis 3

Miami at New York: I’m starting to think the Dolphins are intentionally tanking, and why wouldn’t they? They get the grand prize of Andrew Luck. It’s also been reported that the Dolphins have been speaking with Bill Cowher. This also makes a bit of sense, as he could actually lead the team to a win, thought not likely. The Giants are coming off the bye, but this won’t be a tough game to win.

Prediction: New York 31, Miami 14

Minnesota at Carolina: It was good to see the Camthers come through against the Redskins last week, to collect their 2nd win of the season. The Vikings put up a valiant effort against the Packers, going down by only 6. AP will run wild in this game, but the Panthers passing D is too good for Ponder to break through.

Prediction: Carolina 27, Minnesota 20

Arizona at Baltimore: Ya see, wha what happened was…sucking? That’s what seemed to occur for the Ravens on Monday Night Football against the Jaguars. Boy they were bad. At least the Cardinals put up a fight in their game, but still couldn’t pull it off. I’m tipping Baltimore, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Baltimore “(Oh, no, we) suck again”.

Prediction: Baltimore 21, Arizona 13

Jacksonville at Houston: The Jags pulled off a miracle, while the Texans did what Goliath should’ve done, stepped on David…Or in this case, the Titans. The Texans have to be the most underrated team going around at the moment. Yes, I know they’re 4-3, but look at the teams who beat them. The Saints, the uplifted Raiders and the good version of the Ravens. They should win their next 4 including this one.

Prediction: Houston 38, Jacksonville 17

Washington vs Buffalo In Toronto: Well, I guess the Redskins are back to their crappy ways after losing the last two games pretty convincingly. The Bills are a bit of a mystery to me, they lose to the Bengals and the Giants…Odd. Anyway, the Redskins shouldn’t be much of a hard task this week.

Prediction: Buffalo 28, Washington 10

Detroit at Denver: The Lions take on the Tebows this week. I’m sick of the Lions putting up these crappy efforts and hopefully they are, too. The Broncos pulled off a miracle against the absolutely pathetic Dolphins last week, but the Lions, unlike the Dolphins, have some talent on this team. Hopefully the Lions can tear something in Tebow’s body so we don’t have to hear about him until next year.

Prediction: Lions 100, Tebows 0 (I can dream, can’t I?) Real Prediction: Lions 35, Broncos 13

New England at Pittsburgh: This game would be more interesting if the Steelers D was, ya know, good! The Patriots should have a fun day throwing the ball all over the field to open defenders on route to a win against a has-been Steelers team.

Prediction: New England 27, Patriots 24

Cleveland at San Francisco: Cleveland played in the 3rd most exciting winning scoreline you can dream of, 6-3. The only two MORE exciting scorelines are 3-0 and 2-0. Even Manchester City scored more points than Seattle on the weekend. But it’s not like Cleveland are very good. I pointed them out as pretenders; it’s worked out to be true so far.

Prediction: San Francisco 31, Cleveland 10

Cincinnati at Seattle: Seattle scored a marvellous 3 points on the weekend, that’s some great work by their offense. Cincinnati scored 3 less points on the bye, but probably had the better performance. Seriously, though, Seattle have somehow won two games, whereas the Bengals are playing quite well at 4-2.

Prediction: Cincinnati 17, Seattle 3

And then there were two…Back to some good games this week in primetime (hopefully).

Dallas at Philadelphia: The Cowboys beat up on the Rams thanks to DeMarco Murray’s Cowboy record breaking day. The Eagles had a bye, but probably came at a poor time. Teams aren’t too good off the bye and Dallas are on a high, I think they can just pull this one out.

Prediction: Dallas 27, Philadelphia 24

San Diego at Kansas City: San Diego gave up a 3 TD lead to the Jets on the weekend and lost the game by 6, unbelievable. The Chiefs, on the other hand, shutout the new look Raiders, with Darren McFadden getting injured early on in the game. If Run DMC had’ve played the whole game, then maybe it would’ve been a different story. This is basically a reverse tip. Every time I’ve tipped the Chiefs since I started this blog, they’ve won. So I’m sticking to it.

Prediction: San Diego 28, Kansas City 20

Have a great week everyone and good luck to everyone except for the Denver Tebows and the Vikings!

NFL Tips: Week 7

Hello boys and girls, back for week 7 picking. This week doesn’t have many good games, but I’m forced to do these picks at gun point, so I have no choice…Last week was a bit of a downer for me, I only got 8 correct. Last week I missed out on Atlanta, NYG, 49ers (Ugh), Eagles & Tampa Bay, which I said I wouldn’t be surprised about. So let’s get crackalackin’!

Cleveland at Seattle: Let’s kick off this snoozer week with a snoozer game. Cleveland heads to the less popular Washington to take on the abysmal Seahawks, not that the Browns are much above abysmal. Cleveland lost to Oakland last week, while Seattle had the bye. Teams coming off the bye don’t do well, probably because of the NFL’s piss-weak practice rules implemented in the new CBA. Cleveland will take it, not that many will care.

Prediction: Cleveland 27, Seattle 20

Atlanta at Detroit: After the Lions blew their shot at a continued perfect season, the Falcons come in after a solid win over the Panthers. This was my first loss for the Lions once the season started, but I have trouble sticking to it after last week’s game. The Lions will look to rebound big time, which I think they can do.

Prediction: Detroit 27, Atlanta 21

Houston at Tennessee: This game would be better if Andre Johnson was playing, especially after seeing an ACTUAL fight in the NFL. None of this weak crap they pull most of the time. Alas, it’ll be Finnegan who’ll be covering Walter, who did call Finnegan a “prick” this week (Aren’t the Bears and Bucs in England, not the Texans?). A lot will agree with this sentiment, but I actually like Finnegan, he goes against the grain and Goodell, never bad in my books! Anyhow!!! The Titans have been playing some goodish football, but Houston’s better.

Prediction: Houston 31, Tennessee 24

Denver at Miami: Luck sweepstakes game, everyone! I’m just gonna say it off the bat, I think Tebow sucks, and won’t last the season as Denver’s starter. There. Besides all that, no one cares about this game, either. Except for the evangelical Tebow wankers and the two teams’ fans. I think Denver will win, but that’s because Miami are 1-dimensional, and that 1 dimension can’t catch the ball.

Prediction: Denver 17, Miami 10

San Diego at New York: Hey! Look! A game that might be a good watch! The Chargers head to New Jersey (idiotic) to play the New York (idiotic) Jets. The Jets, like most weeks, were pretty damn bad on Monday Night Football. But if it wasn’t for Matt Moore’s horrible decision making (Simply put, throwing to Revis), then the game might’ve gone the other way. The Chargers are coming in off the bye, but they’re a lot better than the Jets, so I give them the edge.

Prediction: San Diego 33, New York 24

Chicago vs Tampa in London: God, I hate these games! Taking a perfectly normal game and shipping it off to a country where a tackling sport is ranked 4th behind Football, Football & Football (the one where you only use your feet). And the 4th ranked sport isn’t even Gridiron! Anyhow, this ridiculous crap is happening anyway, and will be through 2016, I believe. Chicago demolished the Vikings on Sunday Night Football last week, while the Buccaneers upset the Saints (unsurprisingly to me!). I think the Bears are the better overall team, but playing on a different continent is a crapshoot.

Prediction: Chicago 28, Tampa Bay 24

Washing at Carolina: Washington sucked against the Eagles, which I guess would happen eventually. While the Panthers lost out to the Falcons. This game’s a tough one to call, but I think Washington’s meltdown last week won’t have been completely restored yet, so I’m going with the Panthers.

Prediction: Carolina 24, Washington 7

Kansas City at Oakland: Kansas City are coming off the bye, which is good news for the Raiders. The Raiders beat the Browns last weekend, and are good odds to win it again this week. Boller will be their QB, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they throw Palmer in there at some point during the game. This game will be a heavy dose of Run DMC, and the Chiefs can’t stop the run. Easy win for Oakland.

Prediction: Oakland 38, Kansas City 17

Pittsburgh at Arizona: Pittsburgh beat the Jaguars pretty unconvincingly last week, while the Cardinals got the week off. Teams off the bye are bad, mmkay. So this should be an easy Steelers win.

Prediction: Pittsburgh 30, Arizona 3

St. Louis at Dallas: Rams stink! Rams stink! Rams stink! As you can tell, the Rams aren’t fairing too well and are well in the Luck stakes, which is either good news for the Rams future or bad news for Sam Bradford, who’s been pretty bad this season. Dallas got beaten by the Patriots by 6 last week, but stayed in it valiantly. The key here, is which Dallas team is going to show up? Maybe it doesn’t even matter regarding the opposition? Whichever does turn up, though, the usual Rams will also be turning up.

Prediction: Dallas 27, St. Louis 16

Green Bay at Minnesota: Do I really have to do this one? *gun holder nods head* Ugh, fine. Well, the Packers are unstoppable and the Vikings are just shit (sorry, it was coming eventually).

Prediction: Green Bay 55, Minnesota 24

And then there were two…Yet another horrible prime-time line-up. If the creator wasn’t transferred last week, then they now deserve to be FIRED!

Indianapolis at New Orleans: Only positive for the Colts in this game, is they’ll be one step closer to getting Andrew Luck. Saints win big & easy.

Prediction: New Orleans 45, Indianapolis 14

Baltimore at Jacksonville: Even though the Jags put up a good fight (or Steelers just sucked, I’m not sure), this week gets even harder. The Ravens are dominating everyone right now. Blaine Gabbert may retire before the season’s over for the Jags.

Prediction: Baltimore 24, Jacksonville 0

Welp, there we are. Enjoy this week of rather boring Football!

NFL Tips: Week 6

So, we’re back again with more TIPPING! (Say it like: “TIMMY!”). Some interesting match-ups this week, as well as some downers. From last week, I missed on 4 (same as week 4). My misses were Kansas City, Oakland, Tampa Bay & Seattle. Let’s get crackin!

Carolina at Atlanta: I’m loving this match-up. Falcons coming off a loss to the Packers and before that a 2 point win against Seattle. This game has upset written all over it. The Panthers held their own against the Saints last week, and would’ve won if it wasn’t for poor defense on New Orleans final drive.

Prediction: Carolina 24, Atlanta 23

Indianapolis at Cincinnati: That’s it! I give up on the Colts. They lost to Kansas City after looking so promising against Tampa. Although Tampa was destroyed last week, so who knows? Cincinnati’s quietly winning games, with a 3-2 record.

Prediction: Cincinnati 28, Indianapolis 21

San Francisco at Detroit: Detroit’s coming off a solid Monday Night Football win against Chicago. San Francisco’s coming off an absolute hammering over Tampa Bay. If you had’ve told me that this would be the game of the week in week 6, I would’ve laughed, realised the Lions would destroy the 9ers, then laugh again. Despite my preconceived beliefs, this’ll be a goody.

Prediction: Detroit 27, San Francisco 24

St. Louis at Green Bay: Yes, the 0-4 Rams go to Lambeau to take on the might of the 5-0 Packers. This game’s decided before the kick-off, just based on their records.

Prediction: Green Bay 49, St. Louis 17

Buffalo at New York: I’m honestly not sure what to make of this game. The Giants lost the game with bad passing to the Seahawks and the Bills just got past the Eagles. It all points to a Bills win, but they did lose to the Bengals, so who knows.

Prediction: Buffalo 31, New York 28

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh: Jacksonville never should’ve let go of David Garrard. Sure, he wasn’t a top 10 QB, or even top 15, but he won the games! Now they have a rookie in Gabbert, heading to Pittsburgh to get man-handled by the Steelers. Good luck, kid!

Prediction: Pittsburgh 37, Jacksonville 13

Philadelphia at Washington: OK, seriously, can people get off the Eagles bandwagon? The team is horrible. Now they go into Washington to take on the NFC East leading (lolwut?) Redskins. I just don’t see the Eagles winning this game, seriously. The Redskins defense is just too stout and could injure Vick for the 39304583048023820402804830 time this season. I know the Redskins offense isn’t the best, but the Eagles poor linebackers should make it easy for whoever Shanahan picks as his RB to get good yardage and some scores.

Prediction: Washington 21, Philadelphia 10

Cleveland at Oakland: I knew I should’ve tipped Oakland last week! They played well for their owner, and he would’ve been damn proud of it, too. This week they take on the Browns, who as I mentioned last week, are straight up pretenders with bad wins. Run DMC goes crazy to make up for last week and gets them a good victory.

Prediction: Oakland 28, Cleveland 14

Houston at Baltimore: Houston lost to a spirited and highly motivated Oakland last week, and now they take on one of the toughest teams this season in the Ravens. Baltimore had the bye last week, so have had 2 weeks to plan for this game. They get the win, eeeeeeasily.

Prediction: Baltimore 38, Houston 24

Dallas at New England: Yet another overrated game, by the ridiculously biased US media. The Cowboys stink and the knowledgeable NFL fans know it. Hell, the knowledgeable Cowboys fans know it! Pats looked alright last week, even though the Jets put up a bit of an effort. Brady will go nuts this game, though.

Prediction: New England 28, Dallas 7

New Orleans at Tampa Bay: This game looks simple on paper, Saints win big, but there’s probably more to it. Tampa Bay’s coming off a huge loss to the 49ers, 45 points type huge and the Saints are coming off a last drive win against the Panthers. I’m tipping the Saints, but a Bucs upset definitely wouldn’t surprise me.

Prediction: New Orleans 17, Tampa Bay 16

And then there were two…Whoever decided these two primetime games should be relocated to a different position.

Minnesota at Chicago: I support these two teams in other sports, but no one cares about that. The Bears are coming off a loss to the Lions, where Cutler was under constant pressure and couldn’t catch a break, despite playing well. Minesotta is coming off a win (FINALLY!) over the Cardinals, where AP scored 3 TD’s in the 1st QUARTER(!). I’m tipping the Bears, but like the previous game, Minnesota winning wouldn’t surprise me, just because of their D-Line and, of course, AP.

Prediction: Chicago 21, Minnesota 20

Miami at New York: Another overrated AFC East game, you say? Why yes! The two worst teams in the AFC East face off for no enjoyable reason. This must just fit in with the NFL policy of “East team in primetime every week”. Anyway, enough bitching. The Dolphins suck and are leading the race for Andrew Luck, with good odds to win it. The Jets showed some signs last week, but still aren’t AFC Championship material. Sanchez will blow, as usual, but will still win the game, cause Miami’s QB is even worse.

Prediction: New York 14, Miami 10

NFL Tips: Week 5

Back again! This time with less stuff to do. Week 5 marks the start of the horrid 6 week period of bye games (5-9, 11). I did a’ight last week, going 12 for 16, missing on Buffalo, Minnesota, Philadelphia & Pittsburgh. So with that, onto week 5 picks.

Philadelphia at Buffalo: Both teams are coming off a loss last week, with Philadelphia losing by 1 to San Francisco and the Bills going down by 3 to the Bengals. Both loses were a surprise, but I think Buffalo is still the better overall team, so am giving them the win.

Prediction: Buffalo 24, Philadelphia 17

Kansas City at Indianapolis: I was surprised to see Kansas City win last week, but was probably more surprised to see how competitive Indianapolis was against Tampa Bay. I definitely think that Indianapolis can get the victory here.

Prediction: Indianapolis 13, Kansas City 7

Arizona at Minnesota: Minnesota is still winless through 4 games, only 1 of 4 teams to boost that horrendous stat. Arizona’s been playing well thus far this season, with Beanie Wells exploding last week for 130+ & 3 TD’s. I think the Vikings can come up trumps this week, though.

Prediction: Minnesota 27, Arizona 24

Seattle at New York: Seattle came close to a MAJOR upset last week over the Falcons, but fell short by 2 points. The Giants beat the Cardinals, despite a big day from Beanie Wells. Seattle have a lot less to work with, so a comfortable Giants win.

Prediction: New York 34, Seattle 13

Tennessee at Pittsburgh: An under the radar game this weekend. Tennesee’s going well at 3-1, while the Steelers have fought hard but only have a 2-2 record to show for it. Hasselbeck’s looking like a top tier QB in Tennessee, while CJ2K finally cracked the 100 yard mark last week. Pittsburgh’s got a banged up Mendenhall and their offense isn’t clicking, ranking 4th last in points scored. Their D isn’t the dominant force we know them for, either. I’ve gone for a Pittsburgh win here, but I expect it to be very close.

Prediction: Pittsburgh 14, Tennessee 13

New Orleans at Carolina: The Saints are coming off a fairly good win over a poor Jaguars team last week, while the Panthers got robbed of a win against the Bears. Unfortunately, Carolina just doesn’t have the defense to contain Drew Brees and their passing game (or possibly their running game), so I’m not expecting a close contest.

Prediction: New Orleans 27, Carolina 10

Cincinnati at Jacksonville: With Jacksonville coming off a loss and Cincinnati beating an undefeated Bills team, this game seems somewhat obvious.

Prediction: Cincinnati 17, Jacksonville 7

Oakland at Houston: With the unfortunate news of Al Davis passing away at the age of 82 (RIP), I expect the Raiders to really get up for this game and go out there with a mission for Davis. Houston, not having as big of a week, beat the Steelers last Sunday to go to 3-1 and are looking like the eventual AFC South champs (assuming they can hold off Tennessee). Oakland will be playing with heavy hearts, a lot of pride and a lot of emotion, but I don’t think they’ll top the Texans (unfortunately).

Prediction: Houston 21, Oakland 14

Tampa Bay at San Fransisco: Yes, the 49ers really are 3-1, no need to pinch yourself. After beating the Eagles last week, the 49ers rose to top the NFC West (Yeah, like that’s hard) and will look to continue their good form against the Bucs. Tampa Bay were lucky to escape with a win against the Colts last week, as they won it late in the 4th quarter. The Bucs have to get it together soon, and a short trip (in the scheme of NFL scheduling) might be the thing to do it.

Prediction: Tampa Bay 20, San Francisco 14

San Diego at Denver: Denver got smoked by the Packers last week (unsurprisingly), as the they got 49 points put up on them. San Diego went ahead and beat the hapless Dolphins. I see this game going the same way.

Prediction: San Diego 35, Denver 14

New York at New England: The Jets vs. Ravens game from last Sunday was a purists game. Bad passing, a lot of rushing, and good, hard nosed defense. Ya know, the NFL Roger Goodell condemns to hell on a seasonal basis. In saying that, though, the Jets were poor in all facets, with Sanchez looking like the overrated QB he always does. On the other side, the Patriots just kept on rolling after their surprise loss to Buffalo 2 weeks ago, with a 12 point win over the Raiders. The Patriots offense is just too good for the Jets to contain.

Prediction: New England 28, New York 14

And then there were two…

Green Bay at Atlanta: With the Packers trouncing the Broncos and the Falcons narrowly beating the Seahawks, this should be a no brainer. However. The Falcons are a MUCH better team at home and I expect them to really lift against the Packers. However, the Packers just have way too much firepower for the Falcons to contend throughout.

Prediction: Green Bay 31, Atlanta 27

Chicago at Detroit: “Finally, Monday Night Football, has come back, to Detroit, Michigan!”…Or something to that affect. It’s been 10 long years since the Monday Night Football crew has graced the roads of Detroit and what a game to come back to. The 4-0 Lions take on bitter division rivals, the 2-2 Chicago Bears. The Bears got the better of the Lions in their two meetings last year, but this ain’t the same ol’ Lions. These are the Lions that compete until the end, and pull off the victory. The Lions have only had 1 home game so far this year against the Kansas City Chiefs, who they obliterated, 48-3. And if pre-season was anything to go by, then Ford Field is a fortress. The Bears got lucky last week and won’t be looking forward to this one in the D.

Prediction: Detroit 34, Chicago 10