Lions vs. Broncos: Week 8 Preview

After dropping another game last weekend, the Lions head to Denver to take on Tim Tebow and 53 other unknown players. They’re unknown, because no one in Denver knows any words other than “Tim” and “Tebow”, and sometimes it’s only one of them. All joking aside, it is pretty ridiculous how much press a horrible thrower with no accuracy can receive, on a team that’s 2-4.

The Broncos are coming off a win over the 0-6 Miami Dolphins, by 3 points 18-15. Of course, to any NORMAL NFL fan they look, shrug and move onto something more interesting/less shocking, but not the US media, oh no. They have to cover this story for 12 hours of each day, every day, because beating a winless team is definitely deserving of the #1 story of every sports show.

If the Broncos have any real shot to win this game, it’ll probably come down to the crowd. Denver loves Tim Tebow, because they believe he’s their future, despite all his flaws in the passing game. They could definitely get the Lions off-guard, though playing with fake noise in the Metrodome in Minnesota definitely will help them if the Broncos’ crowd is as loud as I believe it will be.

The Lions biggest worry in this game is the health of Matthew Stafford. He’s practiced all week, but his ankle could still become a problem during the game. If this does happen, then the Lions will lose a lot of firepower with Shaun Hill taking over. And with Jahvid Best missing another week because of his concussion, it’ll be harder for the Lions to throw the ball, but not terribly hard overall.

The Broncos have been a horrible pass defending team this season, with Champ Bailey being their only good Defensive Back and I’d be surprised if the Lions run it more than a total of 15 times, with a committee of Maurice Morris and Keiland Williams splitting the carries. The Lions should be looking to throw early and often, as they’ve done for the vast majority of this season. A very interesting match-up to watch will be Calvin Johnson against Champ Bailey. Bailey’s a very good CB, still, but Calvin will definitely be his toughest test to date and will likely be targeted often to test Bailey out early.

The match-up I’m most excited about, is Tim Tebow against the Detroit Lions Defensive Backs. The Lions have picked off 10 passes so far this season and Tebow is a mouth-watering opponent, with his complete inaccuracy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he throws 3 interceptions in the game, 1 being taken back to the endzone.

If the Lions D-Line can be a disruptive force from the outset, then the Lions should hold the Broncos to under 14 points. Even though Tebow’s biggest threat is his running ability, the Lions D-Line are pretty damn quick and should be able to cut him down before he gets too far passed the line of scrimmage.

Once the final whistle blows, I think the Lions will have won the game comfortably, but I’m definitely not eliminating all doubt, based on the past two weeks.

Prediction: Lions 35, Broncos 10