GTA 5: Waiting on Answers

When I first saw the news on Twitter about Grand Theft Auto 5 and that it does actually exist; along with a premiere trailer release just around the corner, a little bit of pee came out. We’re all friends here.. it was a joyous moment. Not unlike watching Cam Newton throw to Steve Smith really. Pure excitement exited my body, at the very thought of a game that could be the best GTA to date and hopefully, top GTA IV.

For me, GTA San Andreas was one of the best, if not the best released GTA game of all by Rockstar Games, but I really got into GTA IV and the expansion packs. Addictive, it had a different tone and a much more realistic storyline. If the 2 of those games can be combined in one, awesome game with a few tweaks here and there, I’m in.

(Let’s be honest here for a second as we’re still all friends here.. I’m in just at the mention of GTA – or any game made by Rockstar. See: Red Dead, LA Noire etc.)

Wednesday, November 2nd. Mark it in your diaries. Mark it on your hand after marking it in your diaries and then set an alarm every hour until November 2nd. (It will be a Thursday here in Australia, but nonetheless, an extra 24hrs won’t kill me.) November 2nd is when the wait is over and we finally get to see some action from GTA V. How much? Who knows. Hopefully, basing off the first trailer from GTA IV back in 2007, they’ll reveal just as much if not more.

The GTA IV trailer revealed the location, the main protagonist and the start to the storyline of Niko leaving the ship on the docks of Liberty City to come to America. Who knows what questions will be answered this time around, if any at all get answered. No doubt, we’ll be left excited yet with many more unanswered questions.

Rumour around the interwebz is that the location has been confirmed by sources as Los Angeles, which I love. I liked San Andreas, but I loved the big city feel of Liberty City. LA can provide that, along with something entwined with Hollywood and Beverly Hills most likely. No doubt it’ll basically be as if they turned LA Noire into GTA 5 except with a few differences in character and gameplay. (And time period.) But will those rumours turn out to be true? Maybe the sources are just a smokescreen for something bigger? Washington DC? Philadelphia? Boston? Dallas? VEGAS?!

Another rumour is that GTA 5 will be returning to San Andreas for a 2nd time around. I don’t see it, returning to the same location (although awesome) for an entire game but, they might just return there for the start of the storyline, as evidenced by this ticket from the end of GTA IV – that is, if they continue on from GTA IV, whether in a big way or just to tie in some type of backstory (eg. reading about the bank robbery/aftermath of the robbery from GTA IV in the local LA paper or something like that.)

I for one loved Niko. Yeah, he was a bit serious but he kicked ass. If he and Packie have something to do with GTA 5, that would unbelievably cool. Word on the street is that you’ll be controlling multiple people, rather than just 1 player like you had with Niko. Different protagonists could me we control Packie, Niko and the new, main guy? All speculation at this point, and until we see more.. that’s all we can really do. Discuss and speculate; procrastinate.

So now we wait. For the trailer, for more details, for leaks. Anything, to feed our need of information on the new GTA game. Realistically, we’re probably 12 months away or so from release. Based on the time from when the first trailer of GTA IV (end of March ’07) was released and the actual game release, it was around 12-13 months, 29th April 2008. Expect it to be ready to ship out before Christmas in 2012. But hey, that’s just assuming based on past history. Maybe they’re only 6 months away. Maybe they’re already finalizing the minor details and are just polishing DVDs. WHO KNOWS?!

One thing is for sure. Expect a showing at E3 in 2012. There wasn’t a hint or mention of GTA V at E3 this year and there’s little doubt they’ll miss the opportunity to further build up suspense at the one of the world’s biggest gaming expos, especially since the expo is in LA (as is GTAV rumoured to be.)

All that remains are lots of questions. What will the game show? Will Niko be back? Will there be any follow on from GTA IV or will this be a complete new, separate game? Will there be gameplay and multiplayer improvements? What, sweet-ass cool things will we be able to do? Will there be expansion packs and if so, how many? Am I getting too worked up over this GTA news??

So what say you.. What are your thoughts and guesses on GTA 5? What are your wishes?

Feel free to comment away, let’s pass the time until November 2nd!