Ohio University Marching Band Party Rocks

I love the song Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.

So anything to do with that song, I’ll generally like. I mean who doesn’t love to shuffle?

Everyday, you’re shufflin’. Go out to pick up the morning paper off the front lawn in boxers, a Red Wings t-shirt and you hear that song.. can’t help but shuffle. (Much to your neighbor’s amusement as more than your dance skills reveals itself.)

In the supermarket, trying to decide between beef and chicken in your stir fry.. song booms over the PA and pretty soon you’re shufflin’ into the dairy aisle thinking about some of that sweet custard later on tonight.

So naturally, when the Ohio University Marching Band performs the hit by LMFAO, it’s worth checking out and when I did.. I was not dissapointed at all.

Check out the moves.. and in sync. Amazing. Epic. All you need to do is hear the response from the crowd to know that they had scored a big touchdown on that play.

Well done Ohio University. You have mine and many other’s attention now.

Maybe the NFL should take a leaf out of the NCAA’s book, or at the very least look into an idea like this, rather than showboating old, washed-up performers (*cough* Madonna *cough*) that no sane person would want to see.

(Other than Bruce Springsteen & Prince, which were 2 fantastic half time shows. Kudos NFL for getting 2 out 6 or so right.)