About Us

Welcome to our blog, The 3-1-3 Connection. A blog dedicated to sports, entertainment and news with one common theme, Detroit sports.

Why Detroit sports you might ask? Um.. so who are you guys? And where am I?

All relevant questions and you’re here because you were looking for lyrics to Nicki Minaj but Google mislead you. That’ll teach you.

We chose Detroit sports because of the common connection between us.. the fact that I love the Detroit Red Wings and Ash loves the Detroit Lions. I also love the Carolina Panthers.. if only Ash supported the Carolina Hurricanes then we’d come full circle.

However it wasn’t just  the shared connection of our teams that brought us to naming our blog in honor of Detroit (313 being the area code of Detroit, for those playing along at home.)

Detroit sports as we’ve come to experience over time as fans of our selected teams, is something special, something unique. No matter where you’re from, if you’re a fan of a Detroit team it’s as if you’re a part of the Detroit community; you feel embraced.

Sports in the Motor City are a way of life. It’s not just a game, it is part of who you are, just like another member of the family. You support it in times of greatness and in times of need. Yelling at it not because you’re angry but because you care, you want the best for them and you know they can be the best. Generations of family, generations of tradition.. generations of greatness. Whether it be the Lions or Red Wings, the Pistons or Tigers, or Michigan and MSU. It’s a beautiful thing and something that can’t be replicated.

 I am Sam, also known as Mackk.

Born at the age of 3, I was always ahead of my time. Now I live in a house in Melbourne, Australia and have an Australian accent. I’m originally from the country, which I still call home. I have a huge passion for sports, American and Australian and any sports in between. I love to write and put those 2 together and you have this amateur blog.

My history of sports, particularly that of US professional sports stems from when I was a kid, playing in my backyard shooting pucks at a makeshift net, dreaming of being like Yzerman or trying to dunk like Pippen. Most kids would dream of growing up to be an Aussie Rules football player.. I dreamed of growing up and having fantastic sideburns, all the while being the 1st Australian inducted into either the Pro Football Hall of Fame or the Hockey Hall of Fame.. whatever was cooler at the time.

Now in 2011 I sit before you a passionate, die-hard Detroit Red Wings & Carolina Panthers fan first and foremost. After that my other teams include Michigan, the Chicago Bulls, the Essendon Bombers & the Detroit Tigers. I’m also a lover of coffee, music, video games, boobs, my girlfriend Sarah and food. (And not in that order either.)

Basically like many sports writers and bloggers, I struck out getting into into the Hall of Fame, so I settled for writing about sports. I’d like to think I have a unique take on things.. creative, sometimes funny and sometimes just weird. Hopefully you can enjoy my style and my opinions, even if you don’t agree. If I can make you laugh or at least confuse you, then I’ve done my job. And if you the reader can contribute to any feedback, that would be even better. I have an ever-growing knowledge of sports and the world as Ash will attest, so at the end of the day my one hope for you is that you learn you something new.

I am the founder and creator of this awesome site, but co-owner and co-contributor. The other half? I did put in a request for Rich Eisen as a guest writer, but he was out of town. So we got Ash.

Ash & I will be the ultimate duo. Like Pippen and Jordan, like Stafford and Megatron, like Pavel & Hank like.. well, you get the point.

Ash, or AD as his followers call him on the interwebz, is a Detroit Lions fan.

And when I say fan, I mean as passionate, as die-hard as they come. Up every Monday morning around 3am or so (depending on time zone difference), he’ll be supporting his team through thick and thin from his home in Queensland, Australia. He too has a huge passion for sports, local and abroad.

Although he can’t remember much from his childhood except that it was a long time ago, he can remember that there was always that itch, that desire when it came to sports, especially the NFL and later on MLB and Premier League Soccer, where he now follows the Minnesota Twins (and Joe Mauer’s facial hair) and Liverpool FC respectively. He also follows the Georgia Bulldogs, along with his hometown Brisbane Lions of the AFL.

 Ash enjoys video gaming, combing his goatee, his music and is a firm believer in Kelly Clarkson.

So now that you know, if you have any questions, comments, want to contribute or offer some suggestions or criticism about anything, feel free to contact us via email at the313connection@gmail.com and have your voice heard.

Also, stay tuned for our Facebook page.

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy our glorious blog!


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