NFL Tips: Week 11 – Thursday Night Football

Miami at Buffalo: It really is hard to fathom how the primetime options were so, so poorly chosen. Just in the past four days we’ve had: Steelers vs. Chiefs and now we get this masterpiece of Miami vs. Buffalo. Now, who knows, maybe this game will be exhilarating, filled with skill and oh so much fun (not bloody likely). Regardless of these crappy circumstances, I guess it’s worth having a quick look at the teams. So both teams last week were on the opposite ends of the spectrum as the Dolphins got destroyed by Tennessee (yes, really) and the Bills were one TD away from beating the Patriots (yes, really). So this game does actually makes for a bit of a mixed bag. If the Dolphins defense returns to it’s pre-week 10 form, then I think the Bills will have a tough time of doing much to threaten the scoreboard. But if Tennessee can put 37 points on you and the Bills just matched it with the Patriots, then anything’s possible. Very tentative pick of Dolphins in this game, though.

Prediction: Miami 17, Buffalo 7


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