NFL Tips: Week 7 – Thursday Night Football

Seattle at San Francisco: I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty damn excited about this game. A lot more excited than I would have been had both of last week’s results with these respective teams been different. The results of a 49ers loss and a Seahawks win couldn’t have been better for this game’s anticipation. I know a lot of people are expecting a win by the 49ers, but I’m far from convinced. The Giants were able to do something no team has done for a while. Run on them successfully and break the 100 yard barrier. To go along with that, Alex Smith played like he did prior to the 2011 season and considering how the Seahawks made Tom Brady look, a repeat is highly probable. I think the tide is turning a bit in the NFC West and this game could prove to be a season-defining intra-division game which would give either side a 1 game lead in the division’. I’m excited!

Prediction: Seattle 17, San Francisco 14


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