NFL Tips: Week 6 – Thursday Night Football

From now on I’ll be doing 2 separate articles on the weekend’s game. So here’s my first post about Thursday Night Football’s game.

Pittsburgh at Tennessee: To be fair to the NFL and NFL Network, this match-up did look like it could be a good encounter until the season started and the Titans stunk…Well, until the Lions played them of course. But outside of that game, where they still let up 41 points, they have been horrible and possibly even more so than the Browns, who haven’t won a game yet. Pittsburgh’s season is going better, but not by a lot. The Steelers are only 2-2 and have struggled the past two weeks, barely getting over the Eagles on a last-second field goal after having the same treatment thrust upon them in week 3. Despite the team’s differences in talent, I think this TNF game could be quite similar to the game we saw two weeks ago with the Ravens and Browns facing off. Although, like in that contest, I’m pretty confident in saying that the Steelers will triumph.

Prediction: Pittsburgh 27, Tennessee 20

Look for my next article in a couple of days.


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