NFL Tips: Week 6

So, we’re back again with more TIPPING! (Say it like: “TIMMY!”). Some interesting match-ups this week, as well as some downers. From last week, I missed on 4 (same as week 4). My misses were Kansas City, Oakland, Tampa Bay & Seattle. Let’s get crackin!

Carolina at Atlanta: I’m loving this match-up. Falcons coming off a loss to the Packers and before that a 2 point win against Seattle. This game has upset written all over it. The Panthers held their own against the Saints last week, and would’ve won if it wasn’t for poor defense on New Orleans final drive.

Prediction: Carolina 24, Atlanta 23

Indianapolis at Cincinnati: That’s it! I give up on the Colts. They lost to Kansas City after looking so promising against Tampa. Although Tampa was destroyed last week, so who knows? Cincinnati’s quietly winning games, with a 3-2 record.

Prediction: Cincinnati 28, Indianapolis 21

San Francisco at Detroit: Detroit’s coming off a solid Monday Night Football win against Chicago. San Francisco’s coming off an absolute hammering over Tampa Bay. If you had’ve told me that this would be the game of the week in week 6, I would’ve laughed, realised the Lions would destroy the 9ers, then laugh again. Despite my preconceived beliefs, this’ll be a goody.

Prediction: Detroit 27, San Francisco 24

St. Louis at Green Bay: Yes, the 0-4 Rams go to Lambeau to take on the might of the 5-0 Packers. This game’s decided before the kick-off, just based on their records.

Prediction: Green Bay 49, St. Louis 17

Buffalo at New York: I’m honestly not sure what to make of this game. The Giants lost the game with bad passing to the Seahawks and the Bills just got past the Eagles. It all points to a Bills win, but they did lose to the Bengals, so who knows.

Prediction: Buffalo 31, New York 28

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh: Jacksonville never should’ve let go of David Garrard. Sure, he wasn’t a top 10 QB, or even top 15, but he won the games! Now they have a rookie in Gabbert, heading to Pittsburgh to get man-handled by the Steelers. Good luck, kid!

Prediction: Pittsburgh 37, Jacksonville 13

Philadelphia at Washington: OK, seriously, can people get off the Eagles bandwagon? The team is horrible. Now they go into Washington to take on the NFC East leading (lolwut?) Redskins. I just don’t see the Eagles winning this game, seriously. The Redskins defense is just too stout and could injure Vick for the 39304583048023820402804830 time this season. I know the Redskins offense isn’t the best, but the Eagles poor linebackers should make it easy for whoever Shanahan picks as his RB to get good yardage and some scores.

Prediction: Washington 21, Philadelphia 10

Cleveland at Oakland: I knew I should’ve tipped Oakland last week! They played well for their owner, and he would’ve been damn proud of it, too. This week they take on the Browns, who as I mentioned last week, are straight up pretenders with bad wins. Run DMC goes crazy to make up for last week and gets them a good victory.

Prediction: Oakland 28, Cleveland 14

Houston at Baltimore: Houston lost to a spirited and highly motivated Oakland last week, and now they take on one of the toughest teams this season in the Ravens. Baltimore had the bye last week, so have had 2 weeks to plan for this game. They get the win, eeeeeeasily.

Prediction: Baltimore 38, Houston 24

Dallas at New England: Yet another overrated game, by the ridiculously biased US media. The Cowboys stink and the knowledgeable NFL fans know it. Hell, the knowledgeable Cowboys fans know it! Pats looked alright last week, even though the Jets put up a bit of an effort. Brady will go nuts this game, though.

Prediction: New England 28, Dallas 7

New Orleans at Tampa Bay: This game looks simple on paper, Saints win big, but there’s probably more to it. Tampa Bay’s coming off a huge loss to the 49ers, 45 points type huge and the Saints are coming off a last drive win against the Panthers. I’m tipping the Saints, but a Bucs upset definitely wouldn’t surprise me.

Prediction: New Orleans 17, Tampa Bay 16

And then there were two…Whoever decided these two primetime games should be relocated to a different position.

Minnesota at Chicago: I support these two teams in other sports, but no one cares about that. The Bears are coming off a loss to the Lions, where Cutler was under constant pressure and couldn’t catch a break, despite playing well. Minesotta is coming off a win (FINALLY!) over the Cardinals, where AP scored 3 TD’s in the 1st QUARTER(!). I’m tipping the Bears, but like the previous game, Minnesota winning wouldn’t surprise me, just because of their D-Line and, of course, AP.

Prediction: Chicago 21, Minnesota 20

Miami at New York: Another overrated AFC East game, you say? Why yes! The two worst teams in the AFC East face off for no enjoyable reason. This must just fit in with the NFL policy of “East team in primetime every week”. Anyway, enough bitching. The Dolphins suck and are leading the race for Andrew Luck, with good odds to win it. The Jets showed some signs last week, but still aren’t AFC Championship material. Sanchez will blow, as usual, but will still win the game, cause Miami’s QB is even worse.

Prediction: New York 14, Miami 10


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