313 Week 4 Awards

So another week is already in the books, and what an interesting week it was. Before we begin week 5 today, here’s a quick recap on week 4 NFL action. What we liked, and what we didn’t like so much. (This is a quickened version of what will hopefully come a weekly roundup, earlier during the week.)

Offensive Player of the Week:

Aaron Rodgers, QB – Green Bay Packers

A big week of big QB play, but it was the reigning Super Bowl MVP who took it to a whole ‘nother level at Mile High Stadium in Denver. 6 total TDs, including 2 rushing & over 400 yards passing. Just another day at the office for the stud QB who’s looking better and better each game. With Peyton Manning out for a while, the title for sheriff is going to be a wrestle between Brady & A-Rod.

Defensive Player of the Week:

Lardarius Webb, CB/Haloti Ngata, DT – Baltimore Ravens

I split this award because of the day they had making Mark Sanchez’s day complete and utter poo. With an already thin secondary, the Ravens with Ngata up front managed to upset Sanchez into completing only 11 of 35 passes, forcing the Jets O to sputter and turn over the ball, which Sanchez ended up doing 4 times (3 times for defensive TDs) none more important than the game-winning TD, a Lardarius Webb interception which he took back 73 yards for the score. Who needs offense when your D can put up points for you?!

Special Teams Player of the Week:

Devin Hester, WR/KR/PR – Chicago Bears.

As soon as Carolina Panthers punter Jason Baker had followed through on his punt, the whole of Soldier Field knew it was a bad idea. The punt was an Australian rules-style punt, chosen poorly and executed even worse by Baker. Down the throat of Hester it went and before you could blink, Hester was gone 69 yards for his 11th career punt return for a TD, surpassing the previous holder Eric Metcalf. (Hester also had a 73 yard kickoff return, just to add to his impressive day.)

Coach of the Week:

Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco 49ers.

I could put Lions coach Jim Schwartz here, as the Lions did have an impressive win over the Cowboys but I believe Harbaugh had the better day, outcoaching Eagles coach Andy Reid and rallying his Niners to a 20-point comeback W against the Eagles potent offense. With the win, the Niners sit atop the NFC West standings at 3-1 & things seem to be turning around in the Bay City.

Rookie of the Week:

Cam Newton, QB – Carolina Panthers

I could put a few young guys here, no doubt. And without bias, statistically the Panthers QB had the most impressive day. He threw for 374 yards, one touchdown with one interception, and rushed for 35 yards and two scores in a 34-29 loss to the Chicago Bears. What’s more phenomenal than his stats to date is his ability to compete at a pro level, so well and so early on. He has poise in the pocket, has the awareness to keep his eyes downfield and despite being a threat on the ground at Auburn, has not relied on his legs to do all the talking but rather his arm, which has helped rebirth Pro Bowl wide receiver Steve Smith, making the 2 one of the newest and biggest threats in the NFC.

Headline of the Week:

Al Davis Passes Away at 82

Quote of the Week:

“I’m glad the third-best wide receiver on the Cowboys is on our team.”

-Lions coach Jim Schwartz, sending one right back to the Cowboys and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan who added fuel to the fire before the game, stating that he thought when asked about Lions WR Calvin Johnson, “We work against better WRs (in Bryant & Austin) in practice.” Oh snap!

Not-So-Great-Play of the Week:

Ronnie Brown, RB, Philly.

-At the goal line and trying to pound it in for a score, Ronnie Brown did what most would deem unthinkable. In the midst of being tackled to the ground, Brown attempted to throw the ball (to what looked to be to nearby FB Owen Schmitt) but failed miserably. The Niners recovered the fumble & we were all left scratching our heads. “Hey Ronnie, it wasn’t a wildcat play.”

Surprising Team of the Week:

Niners beating Philadelphia.

Disappointing Team of the Week:

Bills losing to Cincinnati.

Top 5 Plays of Week 4:

Pierre Garcon – 87 yard TD vs. the Bucs on MNF.

Vincent Jackson – Out stretches for the catch, gets up & scores.

Devin Hester – Goes 69 yards for the punt return TD.

Calvin Johnson – Out-leaps 3 Cowboys defenders and still comes down with the TD catch.

Dwayne Bowe –  Cassel finds him down the sideline, dodges defenders & takes it the distance.

Now onto Week 5! 

Game on!

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