NFL Tips: Week 5

Back again! This time with less stuff to do. Week 5 marks the start of the horrid 6 week period of bye games (5-9, 11). I did a’ight last week, going 12 for 16, missing on Buffalo, Minnesota, Philadelphia & Pittsburgh. So with that, onto week 5 picks.

Philadelphia at Buffalo: Both teams are coming off a loss last week, with Philadelphia losing by 1 to San Francisco and the Bills going down by 3 to the Bengals. Both loses were a surprise, but I think Buffalo is still the better overall team, so am giving them the win.

Prediction: Buffalo 24, Philadelphia 17

Kansas City at Indianapolis: I was surprised to see Kansas City win last week, but was probably more surprised to see how competitive Indianapolis was against Tampa Bay. I definitely think that Indianapolis can get the victory here.

Prediction: Indianapolis 13, Kansas City 7

Arizona at Minnesota: Minnesota is still winless through 4 games, only 1 of 4 teams to boost that horrendous stat. Arizona’s been playing well thus far this season, with Beanie Wells exploding last week for 130+ & 3 TD’s. I think the Vikings can come up trumps this week, though.

Prediction: Minnesota 27, Arizona 24

Seattle at New York: Seattle came close to a MAJOR upset last week over the Falcons, but fell short by 2 points. The Giants beat the Cardinals, despite a big day from Beanie Wells. Seattle have a lot less to work with, so a comfortable Giants win.

Prediction: New York 34, Seattle 13

Tennessee at Pittsburgh: An under the radar game this weekend. Tennesee’s going well at 3-1, while the Steelers have fought hard but only have a 2-2 record to show for it. Hasselbeck’s looking like a top tier QB in Tennessee, while CJ2K finally cracked the 100 yard mark last week. Pittsburgh’s got a banged up Mendenhall and their offense isn’t clicking, ranking 4th last in points scored. Their D isn’t the dominant force we know them for, either. I’ve gone for a Pittsburgh win here, but I expect it to be very close.

Prediction: Pittsburgh 14, Tennessee 13

New Orleans at Carolina: The Saints are coming off a fairly good win over a poor Jaguars team last week, while the Panthers got robbed of a win against the Bears. Unfortunately, Carolina just doesn’t have the defense to contain Drew Brees and their passing game (or possibly their running game), so I’m not expecting a close contest.

Prediction: New Orleans 27, Carolina 10

Cincinnati at Jacksonville: With Jacksonville coming off a loss and Cincinnati beating an undefeated Bills team, this game seems somewhat obvious.

Prediction: Cincinnati 17, Jacksonville 7

Oakland at Houston: With the unfortunate news of Al Davis passing away at the age of 82 (RIP), I expect the Raiders to really get up for this game and go out there with a mission for Davis. Houston, not having as big of a week, beat the Steelers last Sunday to go to 3-1 and are looking like the eventual AFC South champs (assuming they can hold off Tennessee). Oakland will be playing with heavy hearts, a lot of pride and a lot of emotion, but I don’t think they’ll top the Texans (unfortunately).

Prediction: Houston 21, Oakland 14

Tampa Bay at San Fransisco: Yes, the 49ers really are 3-1, no need to pinch yourself. After beating the Eagles last week, the 49ers rose to top the NFC West (Yeah, like that’s hard) and will look to continue their good form against the Bucs. Tampa Bay were lucky to escape with a win against the Colts last week, as they won it late in the 4th quarter. The Bucs have to get it together soon, and a short trip (in the scheme of NFL scheduling) might be the thing to do it.

Prediction: Tampa Bay 20, San Francisco 14

San Diego at Denver: Denver got smoked by the Packers last week (unsurprisingly), as the they got 49 points put up on them. San Diego went ahead and beat the hapless Dolphins. I see this game going the same way.

Prediction: San Diego 35, Denver 14

New York at New England: The Jets vs. Ravens game from last Sunday was a purists game. Bad passing, a lot of rushing, and good, hard nosed defense. Ya know, the NFL Roger Goodell condemns to hell on a seasonal basis. In saying that, though, the Jets were poor in all facets, with Sanchez looking like the overrated QB he always does. On the other side, the Patriots just kept on rolling after their surprise loss to Buffalo 2 weeks ago, with a 12 point win over the Raiders. The Patriots offense is just too good for the Jets to contain.

Prediction: New England 28, New York 14

And then there were two…

Green Bay at Atlanta: With the Packers trouncing the Broncos and the Falcons narrowly beating the Seahawks, this should be a no brainer. However. The Falcons are a MUCH better team at home and I expect them to really lift against the Packers. However, the Packers just have way too much firepower for the Falcons to contend throughout.

Prediction: Green Bay 31, Atlanta 27

Chicago at Detroit: “Finally, Monday Night Football, has come back, to Detroit, Michigan!”…Or something to that affect. It’s been 10 long years since the Monday Night Football crew has graced the roads of Detroit and what a game to come back to. The 4-0 Lions take on bitter division rivals, the 2-2 Chicago Bears. The Bears got the better of the Lions in their two meetings last year, but this ain’t the same ol’ Lions. These are the Lions that compete until the end, and pull off the victory. The Lions have only had 1 home game so far this year against the Kansas City Chiefs, who they obliterated, 48-3. And if pre-season was anything to go by, then Ford Field is a fortress. The Bears got lucky last week and won’t be looking forward to this one in the D.

Prediction: Detroit 34, Chicago 10

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